We slept in today.  The heat and the travel has taken a toll.  So we didn’t get up until 9:00!  Even so, we were downstairs for breakfast shortly after 10:00.

This breakfast was similar to the one in Zürich, but even heartier.  Juices included apricot and pineapple juices, as well as orange.  A mixed fruit salad looked yummy, but seemed to include mango (which I cannot eat).  Plus more Mediterranean-style offerings such as sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, dried apricots, and dried figs.  =)

Our sightseeing focus for the morning was the quaint and picturesque Kapellbrücke mit Wasserturm.  This wooden bridge across the river features paintings in the eaves, depicting local history.  Plus nice views of both river banks.  Photo op!

From there, we walked over to the Bahnhofplatz.  Buses and trains were running today.  So most shops in Rail City were open.  That included another COOP market.  So we stocked up on breads, cheeses, fresh fruits, and a few other treats,

Dad and I have both struggled with the heat today.  So we rested/napped in the room for about two hours.  The outside temperature is about 5 degrees (F)  cooler today.  With some clouds moving in mid-afternoon, our room’s temperature is liveable.  Ron uploaded 500+ photos to the Surface, then took a short walk to find a pub with dark beer.

For authentic Swiss cuisine, we decided to go to the Fondue House for our evening meal.  Of course, it was only after our meal that Ivan (our concierge) noted that the Swiss only eat fondue in the winter!  =P  No worries.  It was worth it.

Ron ordered the moitié-moitié with white wine and garlic.  I ordered the moitié-moitié with Swiss herbs.  Both were served with chunks of hearty wholegrain bread and boiled small potatoes.  Fabulous!  Dad ordered a fillet with fries and steamed vegetables.  We added fondue sauce for him for an extra treat.  A leisurely meal, sitting outside, enjoying the breeze that was finally cooling the city, and wonderful company!  We even met and struck up a conversation with a family on holiday from England.  They were thrilled to find others speaking English ~ so were we!

While we satiated our appetites and rested our legs, the weariness from three days of unseasonable heat set in.  So we elected not to take an evening hike up the steep hill to the nine towers.  Instead, we returned to our room to relax ~ and repack for Zermatt.


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