Chicago to Zürich

Ivan, our limo driver from Limo Network West, arrived right on time to take us to the airport.  A few minutes early, in fact.

So we easily reached O’Hare by noon after leaving home at 11 a.m.  That gave us plenty of time to check in with Swiss Air for our boarding passes and to get through the TSA security checkpoints.

We didn’t notice until we reached our departure gate that our seat assignments had been changed.  I was initially disappointed that we now had adjacent aisle seats, rather than sitting side by side to talk.  But maybe it’s just as well since this gave each of us ample leg room to stretch.

True to their reputation for timeliness, the boarding process was fairly efficient.  They did check some of the larger luggage from other passengers, even though within the size limits for carry-on.  As a result, there was plenty of room to stash luggage in the overhead compartments.

The person next to me slept most of the flight.  That was fine with me due to my flight fear and anxiety.  I amused and distracted myself by watching movies and listening to classical radio.

So many nice touches with this airline: 1) free movies and earbuds; 2) snack, nice supper (tho light on protein for vegetarians), beverages through the night (including wine at no charge); 3) pillow and blanket for each seat; 4) hot, damp washcloth to freshen up in the morning; and 5) of course, Swiss chocolates to end the flight experience.

I do think my anti-anxiety medicine helped.  In addition, this larger plane with two aisles felt slightly less claustrophobic.  It also made a huge difference that it was such a smooth flight.  A little mild turbulence ~ just enough to turn on the “fasten seatbelts” sign.


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