There are three young children in my immediate family: my two grandsons (ages 5 and 2) and my goddaughter (age 2).  Since my goddaughter is the age of my younger grandson, it usually feels as if I’m her grandparent too!

Before I became a grandmother and godmother, I found myself impatient with the endless photos and countless stories other grandparents told about the little ones in their lives.  Now I “get” it.  The experience really can transform what we value and how we evaluate, both ourselves and our world.

It has deeply changed my perspective to become a grandparent.  It has renewed my interest in playful and fun activities, such as throwing frisbees in the summer, making snowangels in the winter, and placing art work on the refrigerator.  It has also energized me to take new risks in my own life, as I contemplate what kind of example and mentor I’d like to be for these darling children.

I decided to start this blog as one of those marvelous new adventures, but also as a way of telling my story that they’ll someday be able to read.


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