Posted by: Grandma LaLa | February 19, 2017

Wahoo, weekend

Whew, a weekend without lots of plans. I should be working on assembling information and documentation for income tax, but after several stressful work weeks decided to take time to relax and refresh. We’ll get to the income taxes next week.

Record-setting temperatures started on Friday (02/17). The previous record for our area was 55; the actual high on Friday was 64. Similar trends are expected for at least a week.

No one day of weather displays a trend. But, on a day when I was already disheartened by congressional approval of Scott Pruitt to “lead” the EPA, this seemed like too much irony for a planet that is increasingly warm. So I chose to embrace the weather as part of my rest for these days off.

Friday night: walking in Mt St Mary Park with my husband after work, greeting people and canines whose names we’ll never know but whose delight in the warmth we could share; sleeping with the windows open.

Saturday morning: eating a simple breakfast and watching a hilarious episode of “Grimm” with my husband; starting a little laundry.

Saturday afternoon: making enchilada casserole and spanish rice for supper; taking a walk in a long-sleeved WFMT t-shirt in the warm sunshine; hearing and then seeing a flock of sandhill cranes in flight above me (I counted 30!), hoping they might stop on our wetland; seeing a red-tailed hawk on the lowest branch of a neighbor’s fruit tree as I walked the wetland loop, attentive to me but not obviously alarmed. Such gifts.

Saturday evening: eating a simple supper with my husband and my dad; laughing together about various silliness we had each encountered this week; watching Big Ten college basketball; spending a little time blogging; sleeping with the bedroom windows open. Life is good.

Sunday mid-day: enjoying the chance to sleep late without an alarm; spending a little more time blogging; reading and relaxing. Who needs laundry?!

Sunday evening: making homemade yogurt for the week; cooking quinoa; trying a new recipe for overnight breakfast cereal; making pimiento cheese spread for lunch sandwiches (thank you, Mabel!).



  1. It’s been a great weekend! Yes, bless you Mabel!

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