Posted by: Grandma LaLa | December 13, 2015

Leaning forward ~ November, 2015

We made good progress in October on the 2 new lifestyle choices for work and 2 new habits for home. So for November, we added two additional steps for each.

For work:

1:  Print only page 1 of resumes for interviews. If two pages needed, print on both sides.

2:  Bring homemade tea in thermos, using less plastic and metal for soft drinks.

For home:

3:  Use the extra filtered water (which Ron keeps beside the bed at night) for watering indoor and outdoor plants.

4:  One day per week, allow hair to air-dry after shower, not using the hair dryer or its electricity.

We are working on additional plans and goals for 2016. Small steps like these seem insignificant in the face of massive changes to the planet. But hopefully these small steps “leaning forward” will have a larger impact in our consciousness and self-awareness toward the bigger issues, too.


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