Posted by: Grandma LaLa | October 31, 2015

Leaning forward ~ October, 2015

Reducing fossil fuel emissions and climate change risks will require some major lifestyle adjustments and planetary efforts for all of us. But it also takes some small initiatives, snowballing into more powerful and empowering steps.

Starting more intentionally for our household as of October, 2015.

At work:

1:  8 hours per week (equivalent of one business day) I will work without overhead lights on for my office and desk. That will save 20% on lighting.

2:  I will turn off computer and monitor over weekends and holidays.

At home:

3:  We will spend more evening time together in the same room to reduce lighting needed.

4:  One day per week I will leave the main computer and monitor turned off.

I grew up in a home with parents who were already environmentally conscious a half-century ago.  We cleaned metal cans and took them for recycling.  We saved and salvaged yard wastes for garden composting.  We used and laundered cloth napkins, rather than paper products.  These small steps seem second-nature to me now.  Hopefully these other modest steps will seem that way a few years from now, too.

Four modest steps.  But over a year, with four steps added each month, perhaps this will make a difference.  If nothing else, in my own awareness and patterns of choice.  Maybe in yours as well?


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