Posted by: Grandma LaLa | October 25, 2015

For the young spirits

For Joe and Ben, Grace and Alexandra.
For Maddox and Ava, Jimena and Sebastian, Liam and Maeva.

Your young spirits have been in my mind and heart this week as every week. But especially this week, while reading a book by Naomi Klein about climate change. The scientific reality for our planet home finally struck me with full force this week, realizing that climate change will be an ecosystemic, economic, political, social, and possibly existential challenge for each of you for your entire adult lives.

We missed the two-decade window to reduce carbon emission (from fossil fuel usage) enough to stop a 2-degree Celsius temperature increase in this century.  We needed a 10% reduction in fossil fuel use.  Instead, adult choices and the globalization of high-consumption capitalism created a 10% increase in fossil fuel use and carbon emission during that time.

And now a new planetary threshold looms, with 2 years to prevent carbon emissions that could cause warming of 4 or even 6 degrees Celsius by 2100. If climate change is that extreme, the earth could well become uninhabitable in your lifetimes.

You’re too young to understand the risks and threats ahead, as well as the sacrifices required right now. But hopefully some day you will know and understand that some of us are doing everything we can to turn this catastrophic tide. For the sake of the planet ~ and for each of you.

I know that the climate change threat requires some big adjustments to make our lifestyles more sustainable. It also requires many small choices. I’m hoping to keep a monthly log to better stay on track with my own choices ~ and to keep your future more fully as the center of my present.


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