Posted by: Grandma LaLa | November 17, 2014

Wahoo, weekend!

Some weekends are such jam-packed fun that the time seems to fly by.  This was one of those!

Friday evening: carrying out vegetarian burritos from Chipotle for a quick supper; watching our online shows, including “Elementary” and “Big Bang Theory;” working on ideas for holiday gifts for family members.

Saturday morning and afternoon: enjoying farina for breakfast while watching “Grimm” online; laundering clothes and linens; running a few quick errands; fulfilling a couple of promises by making homemade enchilada casserole for Ron (a belated birthday celebration) and homemade raisin bars for Dad (just because).

007 - ESO warming upSaturday evening: watching Niki gleefully run in the back yard before sunset; feasting on enchilada casserole, spanish rice, and tossed salad for supper. Then we headed to the Elgin Symphony Orchestra for another musical enchantment. All of the music this evening was composed by Americans, including two of my favorites: Bernstein and Copland. What a treat!

008a - first measurable snowSunday: sleeping late; doing a few household chores; and lazily reading a new book. And oh yes, waking to the first measurable snowfall of the autumn, just blanketing the grass and some of the wetland plants.

Monday evening: ok, it’s no longer the weekend, especially since we worked today; but the invigoration of watching IU basketball at Dad’s place surely felt like a weekend.

Delicious ~ and over so soon!


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