Posted by: Grandma LaLa | October 12, 2014

Wahoo, weekend!

Fully into autumn now, we are enjoying the fall colors and cooler temperatures.  What a great weekend for that and more!

Friday evening: renting a cargo van to transport dining room furniture from storage, the last step in Dad’s move; enjoying Niki for a few more minutes before her vacation ends and she goes back to Dad’s place.

Hearty and healthy autumn supper

Hearty and healthy autumn supper

Saturday morning and afternoon: sleeping late with windows open (overnight low of 37 degrees); making a nutrient-rich breakfast of eggs, vegetarian breakfast links, and dried apricots; then laundry + laundry + laundry; quick-clean of downstairs to prepare for company; taking photos for the Powerpoint presentation for my TUG speaking commitment; making smoked Gouda cheese quiche, oven-baked acorn squash (sweetened with applesauce), steamed broccoli, and mixed green salad for a healthy pre-concert supper.

Elgin Symphony Orchestra "Nature's Soundscape" concert

Elgin Symphony Orchestra “Nature’s Soundscape” concert

Saturday evening: listening to the pre-concert discussion by Stephen Squires, conductor-in-residence for the Elgin Symphony Orchestra (very enlightening and enriching!); enjoying the “Nature’s Soundscape” concert featuring cellist Matt Agnew and works by Respighi (“The Birds”), Haydn (Cello Concerto in C major), and Sibellius (Symphony No 5 in E-flat major). Always a treat to share these cultural experiences with Ron and Dad!

Sunday: sleeping late with windows open (overnight low of 36 degrees); finishing photos for the TUG presentation; laundry + laundry + laundry; reading, relaxing, and enjoying the October sunshine and cool breeze.

What a delicious gift of a weekend!



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