Posted by: Grandma LaLa | February 2, 2014

Wahoo, weekend!

So many weekends, so much fun.  Here’s a sample from the end of January and beginning of February.

Friday night: eating leftover nachos and chips; watching latest online episodes of “Elementary” and “Big Bang Theory;” packing two more cartons of holiday décor (now 75% done!); laundering two loads of clothes; and celebrating that there is an adorable new puppy in our neighborhood.

From The Claddagh Irish Pub in Geneva Commons

From The Claddagh Irish Pub in Geneva Commons

Saturday: enjoying the fresh snowfall (6+ inches this time); skipping breakfast to buy groceries before the store gets busy; quick-cleaning our downstairs rooms; gathering ingredients for homemade tacos for lunch; taking a delicious 2-hour nap; eating pub chips at The Claddagh Irish Pub as a late evening snack; and splurging on new books and DVDs from Barnes and Noble, using a (Christmas) gift card from my boss.

Sunday: making a quick trip to Dad’s so that his Cairn terrier has a chance to run and play in our great backyard trails that Ron shoveled for her today; making homemade lentil+carrot+kale soup for lunches this week; and watching the Super Bowl at Dad’s place.  Let’s go, Broncos!

Life is good with weekends like this!


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