Posted by: Grandma LaLa | December 5, 2013

Another Tuesday evening chuckle on myself

Ron drove our car as we headed south to Dad’s place after work.  The early-December sunset occurs before I leave the office.  So we were driving in full (urban) darkness.

Driving south on Highway 25, Ron was chattering about his day.  I listened a little. Watched traffic a little.  Thought a little about the supper we would fix to share with Dad, as well as the IU Hoosiers basketball game we would watch.  Mostly glanced at shadows of now-bare trees in the forest preserve on either side of the road.  And just decompressed from the day.

As we approached the intersection with Fabyan Parkway, I realized that autumn is now deep enough that leaves, vegetation, and low-growing flora have vanished.  Quite a distance from the intersection, I could see lights from Fabyan Parkway visible through the forest preserve.

“Hmmm,” I thought to myself.  “That’s really interesting that residents along Fabyan have all of their yards decorated already.  And how neat that the whole neighborhood color-coordinated their outdoor lighting.”

We drove a little further.  I glanced again at the parkway through the forest preserve.  “Wow,” I thought to myself.  “They didn’t just color-coordinate.  It’s  a perfect alternation of lights, making a fence-like pattern all along the street.  White light.  Red light.  Then white light.  Red light.  White.  Red.  White ….  It really does look like a fence of holiday lights!”

We drove a little further.  I glanced once more at the parkway through the forest preserve.  Then we were close enough for me to realize that those perfectly alternated lights in a fence-like string all along the parkway … were actually automobiles in line, waiting for the traffic signal to clear.  White light … headlight.  Red light … tail light.  Goodness, a perfect alternation of white and red and white and red ….!

Hahaha on myself.  Can anybody guess why Ron was driving last night, and not me?!


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