Posted by: Grandma LaLa | November 24, 2013

Wahoo, weekend!

So busy last weekend that I’m just now getting to the post about it!

Thursday evening: eating homemade submarine sandwiches at Dad’s place; watching IU men’s basketball against the University of Washington; and just hanging out with Dad and Niki.

Friday evening: still smiling from the IU victory (IU: 102; UW: 84); restraining from calling my bro-in-law to gloat.

Saturday afternoon: seeing “Thor: The Dark World” with Bets and the boys; watching the trailer for the next “Captain America” movie to be released in April and agreeing it’s a must-see-together.

Sunday morning: sharing a hearty homemade breakfast (scrambled eggs and cheese; fresh fried potatoes) with Bets and the boys.


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