Posted by: Grandma LaLa | November 9, 2013

From grrrrrr-attitude to gratitude

For a variety of reasons, I have found myself feeling increasingly restless, impatient, and frustrated.  Some of this comes from pressures in my professional life, especially certain demanding clients and certain high-maintenance candidates.  Some of this comes from aspects of my personal life, including the full-bodied spiritual stuff that accompanies mid-life.  And of course, some of it comes from drinking too many soft drinks, even diet ones.  😉

Negativity isn’t a natural state for me in any of these forms.  I have been concerned about this trend in myself.  But I’m also concerned because I find that when these negative energies find a safe harbor in my thoughts and feelings for the present moment, they tend to also adversely impact and skew the reality of my next moment and next experience.  A slippery slope to a trend ….

So I have resolved to find a fresh way to turn from this grrrrr-attitude and return to gratitude (which is a more natural state of being for me).  A friend of mine on facebook tried a method of self-discipline in 2012.  She took a photograph each and every day for a year ~ a captured glimpse of something for which she was grateful on that day.  And she posted each and every picture on her facebook page, primarily as a way of holding herself accountable to the self-discipline, but also as a way of sharing her renewed joy.

I like that idea because it’s not only an inward journey, but also an outreach that might help others to find reason for gratitude in their own lives.  So I have chosen to do something similar, taking a couple of photos each day of people, creatures, and aspects of daily life for which I am especially grateful on that day.

My pilgrimage toward gratitude is documented here, with most of the photos shared publicly.



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