Posted by: Grandma LaLa | September 16, 2013

Another lovely weekend

Another lovely weekend filled with inspiration, companionship, and rest.

Friday evening, we spent the evening with our dear friend Denise, whose dogs Tori and Camille will soon visit our Ruff and Ready Canine Retreat (while their human vacations).  Camille hasn’t previously been to our home, so this was an opportunity for her to learn the scents and the space.  We were refreshed by the carry-out pizza and salad from Nick’s, the robust campfire from well-seasoned wood, and the chance to share stories and laughter as friends.

Saturday morning, we dedicated to a few household chores.  Bought groceries for the weekend.  Started laundry.  Quick-cleaned the downstairs, especially kitchen, dining room, and half bathroom.  Mowed the yard.  Started the homemade chili.

Saturday afternoon, Dad joined us for the first annual Studio Tour of local artists.  This event, sponsored by the Greater Geneva Art Guild, gave us access to art studios in 9 different venues, watching several of these artists in their own space.  Additional artists had work featured at each location.  After visiting 4 of the venues, we stopped by to pick up Dad’s canine companion, Niki, who joined us for the rest of the day.  We feasted on hearty homemade chili (vegetarian for us; meat added for Dad), chunks of cheese, raw vegetables, and freshly baked brownies.  Loved hearing Dad’s insights from the Friday night lecture on Mars at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.  And just enjoyed hanging out together, warming our toes and legs by the campfire.  Well, at least until the mosquitoes got the best of us.  Not quite cold enough yet!

Still love walking through puddles in the rain. Surprised doubly to find that my umbrella reflected in the photo too!

Still love walking through puddles in the rain. Surprised doubly to find that my umbrella reflected in the photo too!

Sunday we slept in luxuriously late.  Overnight temperature of 45 degrees made it perfect sleeping weather with just a window or two open.  I think it was 7:30 a.m. when the sound of gentle rain awakened me ~ having arrived two hours earlier than predicted by the NWS.  Up long enough to close windows since the wind kept shifting directions.  Up long enough to know that one of my first joys of the day would be a quick dance in puddles in our court, though I didn’t actually take those steps until 9:30 a.m. (after a delicious 2-hour snooze).

My dear friend Lisa has a 31-photo series called “Where I Stand,” based upon a creativity exercise from “Inner Excavations.”  It is photographs of her feet in various places and activities, one each for a month of consecutive days.  I had just started my own version of that exercise on Thursday, naming my project “Sacred Ground.”  Of course, today’s photo had to include the barefoot walk in the rain!

After a delicious homemade breakfast of scrambled eggs, facon (Morningstar Farms vegetarian bacon strips), fresh blueberry pancakes, and fresh raspberries, it seemed that my day was already bliss-filled!  A four-hour afternoon nap made it all the more revitalizing.

Another lovely weekend.


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