Posted by: Grandma LaLa | February 10, 2010

And so it begins

In my January retrospective post, I shared that I had decided to sell a few items on ebay to help with our decluttering.  Or, to be precise, I had decided to post a few items for sale.

Ebay offers five free listings per month.  Free in the sense that you’re not charged a listing fee.  The listing is for seven days.  Any longer period invokes the listing fee.  It allows one uploaded photo for the ad, plus the basic associated services including postal calculations and paypal access.  Pretty cool, at least for me as a prospective but inexperienced seller!

Anyway, I checked the listing every day last week after posting it on January 31st.  No watchers.  No bidders.  So I confess that by the weekend it basically slipped my mind that the listing would expire soon.  I checked it on Saturday, but not on Sunday.  Too much distraction with the Super Bowl and facebook games, I guess!

Much to my surprise on Monday, I found an email waiting patiently in my Inbox, announcing that another ebayer had successfully bid and already paid for my first ebay item!  Woohoo!

Of course, I didn’t think about the cost of the packaging when I created the minimum bid.  So, after allowing for postage, ebay percentage of sale price, paypal percentage of sale price, and actual cost of the packaging, I actually only netted about fifty cents this time.  But that’s OK.  I also netted the confidence that others might be interested in these items.  And even fifty cents is more than this counted cross stitch chart would have brought from a yard sale.

So I’m smiling in all directions!  And yes, I’ve already posted my second item!


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